About Me & My Shop

Uncommon Plans is dedicated to my love of Stickers & Stationery as well as all things Geeky & Mystical!

About Me

Hi! My name is Anna Mae and I seriously love stickers. I've been a sticker lover and hoarder since I can remember.

I discovered the planner community in 2015 and I fell down the rabbit hole of decorative planning. I love how decorative planning merges my love of scrapbooking & stickers as well as being organized into a fun & functional creative outlet.

I was looking for stickers that reflected my life as a shift worker and my love of all things geeky. I couldn't find it so I decided to create what I was looking for myself...and in 2016: Uncommon Plans was born!

In doing so I found a wonderful community of like-minded individuals who also love stickers, planning and the geeky stuff!

Uncommon Plans has morphed throughout the last 5 years but one thing remains the same: I'm still dedicated to making high quality geeky & mystical stickers, stationery & more.

Check out the shop, get nostalgic, maybe buy some things and definitely tell your friends! Thanks for stopping by & hopefully I'll see you again.

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